Jonathan Miller
1 Feb 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 from Ian, Barbara’s son.

As you will all know my mother, Barbara Cartland was a great believer in the power of love and romance. St. Valentine’s Day is an excellent time during the cold winter weather for everyone to turn again to believing in better things.
And this year more than ever, with the dreadful Coronavirus raging all round us in every country, we need light and love in our lives.
Barbara had more than her fair share of adversity in her life losing her father in the First World War and her two brothers, who she adored, at Dunkirk in the Second.
I can hear her saying “cheer up, darling, we only have to fight with more determination and inspiration and we are certain to win.”
And win we did. Today, she would be telling us to preserve and keep fighting Covid and together we are certain to win the battle.
So St. Valentine’s Day this year comes at a critical moment in all our lives and all our thoughts and memories should turn to romance and the happy times we have spent and indeed the happy times yet to come.

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