As long as the plots keep arriving from outer space, I'll go on with my virgins.

Barbara Cartland



Barbara’s son, Ian McCorquodale, has devoted his life to her legacy and is determined to lead a worldwide revival in popularity for his mother’s wonderful romances bringing timeless pure Romance to a modern world tired of cynicism. Ian started in 2004 publishing monthly his mother’s previously unreleased titles on the internet “The Barbara Cartland Pink Collection”, which is an amazing 160 unpublished manuscripts she left him when she died in 2000.

The Pink Collection has grown into a huge success and with the great help of Jonathan Miller of M-Y Books Ian is now publishing his mother’s novels as paperbacks, e-books, audio-books reaching out to her worldwide readership in many languages once again.

“My mother’s stories all contain a strong moral message and woman of every age all over the world will I hope love learning about the unique feminine strength that lives in every one of her Heroines“.


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