Jonathan Miller
7 Jun 2022

Summer comes to Camfield Place.

My mother, Barbara Cartland, was a keen gardener and always loved this time of the year when there is so much colour everywhere.
She was not so keen on digging, but had a great sense of the best place for any plant to harmonise with the other parts of a garden and the family did the digging!
She was particularly inspired and delighted in the spectacular display every year of rhododendrons and azaleas at Camfield Place in all colours of the rainbow..
Forty years ago I remember very well my mother choosing a suitable place for me to plant a weeping willow tree. It is now huge and still there in all its glory and dominates the garden.
She loved strong vibrant colours and especially her favourite blend of pink which she first saw in Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1923 when being shown around by no less the Mr. Howard Carter.
She believed that everyone should brighten their humdrum lives with colour and she always advised pregnant women to surround themselves with colour and beautiful music and pictures and then they would all have beautiful and peaceful babies.
Barbara’s most favourite flower was malmaison carnations with its strong captivating fragrance. My father always gave them to her especially on their annual honeymoon in Paris when every year they renewed their marriage vows.
She realised the importance of colour in her life and hoped that her many fans will be inspired by colour too.

Ian McCorquodale

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