Jonathan Miller
27 Apr 2018

Spring Romance at Camfield Place by Ian McCorquodale

My mother particularly loved this time of the year, the spring, and would look forward to it every year.
Everything in the spring is new and green and awakening from the cold grip of winter. And then the buds start to form and glorious blooms of every description are not far away.
She believed that there was a special beauty in flowers and arranging them in her house for the best effect on everyone who visited her.
All her heroines in her romances love flowers and find their purity, spirituality and grace an inspiration for the true love they all want but feel that they can never find.
At the end of her books when her heroes and heroines finally marry in a Cathedral, a Church or a Chapel, there is always a profusion of white flowers usually roses to deepen their great love for each other.
My mother was always convinced that women should surround themselves with beauty as much as they possibly can and think beautiful thoughts, especially when they are in love and then the men they love with all their heart and soul will become more beautiful day by day.

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