Jonathan Miller
10 Jan 2022

Kate Middleton is ‘Barbara Cartland heroine’ in new birthday photos – ‘sassy’ and ‘grown-up’

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to about these new “powerful” photos.

An excerpt from the Daily Express 10th January 2022

“One pose is almost bridal, with Kate making an emphatic display of her engagement ring and this ‘Barbara Cartland heroine’ look suggests enduring love and romance in her marriage, which again should be a relief to the Queen,” the expert noted.

In the picture of Kate in the white dress with her head turned to the left, Judi described it as a “Victorian wedding portrait”.

She continued: “This could almost be a Victorian wedding portrait, with Kate shot in profile to suggest a sense of destiny and even distance.

“It’s the most tentative body language of the three, with her elbows bent and her hands partly lost in the froth of the beautiful dress.

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