Jonathan Miller
13 Feb 2019

Happy Valentines Day from all of us to all of you.

Happy Valentine’s Day from me, Ian, and all at Barbara Cartland dot Com.
My mother always loved Valentine’s Day and would look forward to it every year.
For her it was the one day of the year when everything is forgotten except for love and in particular
the love of your life. All the humdrum issues and worries of work, children, mortgages and money can be
swept away for a glorious twenty-four hours so you can think of nothing but your love for that one special person who means so much to you.
You go out for a romantic candlelight dinner together or stay at home while she cooks a recipe from my delicious cookbook “The Romance of Food” and you find yourself falling in love again.
It is such a wonderful feeling. You gaze into each other’s eyes, you enfold your beloved in your
arms and then you kiss. And it is such a unique kiss and you soar up into the sky, you touch the stars and
you know in your heart again and again the meaning of true love.
When you finally come down from Mount Olympus, you feel that your life has changed, but it is
really the same, except that you have been touched by something so special that it cannot be put into words.
And you feel in your innermost self why wait a year for the next Valentine’s Day.
Saint Valentine really started something all those centuries ago!

Barbara Cartland with her dogs

Ian McCorquodale

February 14th2019

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