Jonathan Miller
10 Feb 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from me, Ian, and all at our wonderful Barbara Cartland website.
My mother always loved St. Valentine’s Day.
It is the one day in the year when everyone can think about love, talk about love and tell the love of your life how much you really love him or her. You can always send a Valentine’s card too, a serious one or a humorous one.
Barbara, and she knew more about love than anyone, always advised people to talk about their love for each other and not bottle it up inside.
Nothing is lovelier than your loved one saying to you, “darling, I love you” not just once but all through the day. And, of course, you saying the same in return. It does not have to be kept just for Valentine’s Day, you can say it every day, in the morning and at night as well. You will see, it can give a big boost to your love.
Another great tip that Barbara used to give was writing a little love letter to your love and slipping under his or her pillow so that on waking up there is a beautiful message of love to get you through the day. My wife, Bryony, and I always wrote each other love letters and I have kept them all, they are very precious for me.
Happy Valentine’s Day again and make sure that it really is a happy one.
Ian McCorqudale.


To Celebrate here is a special volume 2 of our occasional series Royal Romances.


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