Jonathan Miller
2 Apr 2022

Happy Easter Holidays from all at Barbara Cartland

My mother, Barbara Cartland, was the most prolific writer of all time and she wrote an unbelievable 670 romances in her long lifetime.She wrote her last book at the age of 97 and it was called “This Way to Heaven” and I like to think it was prophetic and that she really did go straight to Heaven.As she deserved to after all the work she did for charities, midwives, gypsies and the aged as well as writing so many novels with a strong moral message to the young which has changed so many peoples lives for the better.And now we are celebrating Easter, the time of renewal, rebirth and purity and indeed the time of reincarnation.Barbara was a great believer in reincarnation, as I am, and that nothing is ever wasted especially our lives and beliefs.So Barbara’s next life will be taking on board the huge legacy that she has created in this one.And so many will benefit.Happy Easter!

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