Jonathan Miller
25 Mar 2022

Dearest Bridgerton Darlings

Dearest Bridgerton Darlings

Regarding the 2nd Series of Bridgerton… We write to let you know how utterly delighted, not to mention impressed, we all are here at Camfield Place, the Home of Pure Romance, to hear that those naughty screenwriters, producers and directors of yours have come round to Dame Barbara Cartland’s way of doing ‘romance’. Although initially pleased and heartened by the contemporary series reviving the Regency Romance genre, with which Barbara was all but synonymous, we were dismayed, to say the least, by your first series’ abundance of steamy intimate scenes. Whilst hugely popular, it was a far cry from the virtuous, swooning tales about the blossoming of love, rather than its consummation – about falling in love, not ‘making love’. And by leaving so little to the imagination, we felt you has missed the key point about the art of true romance which flowed so readily from Barbara’s pen – which draws on the subtle power of suggestion: the smouldering, dashing hero; the fleeting glance across a crowded room that captures our innocent heroine’s fluttering heart… Now though, we’ve heard a whisper that for Series 2 you’ve shifted focus to the characters’ hearts, rather than other body parts! Well done! Please accept our sincere congratulations on having fully embraced our values and joined us in the realm of Pure Romance. With much love and admiration from the Court of the Queen of Romance

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