Barbara Cartland
22 Jan 2018

25 Barbara Cartland Quotes

Never look for love, love will find you. Click To Tweet

Love is even more beautiful than all the hills and lakes of Scotland. Click To Tweet

Love is like a rock – it endures for ever. Click To Tweet

Nothing in the world can ever equal love. Click To Tweet

Everyone falls in love at least once in a lifetime, and it is always a unique, wonderful and spiritual experience. Click To Tweet

To look at the stars in the sky at night is always exciting and romantic wherever you are in our world. Click To Tweet

The sea can be so beautiful. It stretches from horizon to horizon and goes on forever just like the real true love of a man and a woman for each other. Click To Tweet

Love can strike at any time in a blinding flash – it is so powerful that no-one can fight it. Click To Tweet

Love can change in time, but true love never changes. Click To Tweet

Love travels at the speed of light. Click To Tweet

Love always seems so far beyond the horizon, but it is really much closer than anyone imagines. Click To Tweet

Never give up on love. It could be waiting for you just around the corner. Click To Tweet

The tender words of love are as soft music to the ear. Click To Tweet

Love never dies, it does not even fade away. Click To Tweet

Forever is a very long time, but true love lasts even longer. Click To Tweet

Love truly makes the world go round and the universe as well. Click To Tweet

I will love you forever, my darling’. These are the sweetest and most magical words a man can ever say to a woman. Click To Tweet

When you fall in love, you want to sing with the birds, dance with the fairies, jump over the moon. It is truly the most glorious feeling in the whole wide world. Click To Tweet

I write about the wonderful glorious moment when men and women fall in love, which is a time in everyone’s life that can never be forgotten and is treasured forever. Click To Tweet

Love knows no barriers of time, space or age. Click To Tweet

Love has inspired great poets, artists and architects throughout the ages. Love can inspire anyone to greater heights than could ever be possibly imagined. Click To Tweet

Love, love, love, is all that matters in this world and the next. Click To Tweet

Eternal love – I have always believed that real true love lasts beyond this life and into the next. Click To Tweet

Those who sincerely seek true love will always be rewarded. Click To Tweet

Love is the reason for living, and it is certainly the reason for everything else in the universe as well. Click To Tweet

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