139. The Prince Who Wanted Love

The Prince Who Wanted Love by Barbara Cartland

139. The Prince Who Wanted Love

Written by Barbara Cartland


Pink Collection






Russian Romance




14 November 2017

Prince Serge of Tamrush, who himself had been sent a bride by Queen Victoria to save his Principality from invasion by the Russians, was now being asked by Prince Igor of Dubrik for the hand of his beautiful daughter Lavinia for the same reason. He decided not to tell Lavinia of Prince Igor’s request until after her birthday party. It was on that occasion she would meet Prince Igor for the first time and her father hoped that they would be attracted to each other. Lavinia was, in fact, charmed by Prince Igor, but it was still a great shock to her when she was told of the plans for her engagement to be announced and her subsequent marriage, all to save Dubrik from the rampaging Russians. She made her father promise that if she did not love Prince Igor and he did not love her, then she would be able to come home again. She was now beginning to hear unsavoury stories about Prince Igor’s wild parties and pretty women staying with him at his Palace and wondered if she could ever be happy with such a husband. It was when she arrived in Dubrik that an attempt was made on her life by a Russian. How she is saved, but Prince Igor is seriously wounded. How she finds dark secrets about Prince Igor’s childhood. And how they find the sublime love that they are both seeking is all told in this exciting and romantic novel by BARBARA CARTLAND.

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