143. Secret Danger

Secret Danger by Barbara Cartland

143. Secret Danger

Written by Barbara Cartland


Pink Collection






Princes and Princesses




14 November 2017

The beautiful Belinda Lanwick has not attended the dinner party given by her cousin as she is still in mourning following the death of her beloved father. However, when the guests were leaving, she saw Lord Ian Cheddington and thought him exceedingly handsome. She knew that he was one of the most sought after young men in London and was considered the most eligible bachelor in the Social world. It is then that she overhears an indiscreet conversation between her cousin and a Countess. The Countess speaks of a Russian Princess in London who is doing everything she can to attract Lord Ian and what is more Princess Natasha is suspected of being a Russian spy. When she receives a letter from her sister asking her to stay with her in London and they can go shopping together to buy a new wardrobe for when she comes out of mourning, Belinda decides to go. However, when she arrives she finds that she is on her own most of the time because her sister is so busy. One morning she sees an advertisement in The Times for a lady’s maid to Princess Natasha. She feels strongly that she must defend her country and so applies for the position and begins work immediately. Once inside the Princess’s house, Belinda cleverly finds a way of overhearing what is said when the Princess entertains a suspicious visitor. Hearing that Lord Ian is in grave danger, she has to find a way to warn him. How Lord Ian is almost given a new and powerful drug that would make him unknowingly reveal vital State secrets. How he and Belinda travel to Marseilles to find where this evil drug is made. And how Belinda is frightened and upset by what then happens, but finds the true love she has always been seeking is all told in this romantic and exciting novel by BARBARA CARTLAND.

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