148. Love Saves the Day

Love Saves the Day by Barbara Cartland

148. Love Saves the Day

Written by Barbara Cartland


Pink Collection






Elusive Earls




14 December 2017

The beautiful redheaded Tiana Weston sets out to visit her inheritance in Dorset with high hopes. It had been her parents’ dream to restore Castle Rose to its former glory as it is now a dilapidated ruin and only a small part is fit to live in. But Tiana soon discovers that enthusiasm and determination alone do not pay the workmen or keep property developers at bay and soon she is faced with a dreadful dilemma. Her handsome and aristocratic next door neighbour Richard, the Earl of Austindale, also faces considerable problems. He has to be married by midnight on his next birthday or he will lose everything he holds most dear to his cousin Alan, Viscount Paige. A young girl anxious to protect her home a man desperate for a wife it seems like a sensible, business-like arrangement that they should marry each other. And Tiana finally accepts the Earl’s proposal and they are due to be married on his thirtieth birthday. But then an old flame of the Earl’s arrives to claim him for herself and Tiana is filled with doubt especially as the Viscount is paying a great deal of attention to her. She also finds herself in great danger because now so many are determined that the marriage will not take place. How Tiana realises how much she loves the Earl. And how she finally finds happiness is all told in this exciting romance by BARBARA CARTLAND

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