99. Little White Doves Of Love

Little White Doves of Love by Barbara Cartland

99. Little White Doves Of Love

Written by Barbara Cartland


Eternal Collection


Fantasy Country




Magnificent Marquises




01 March 2015

Demure and self-deprecating the beautiful young Nolita Walford has been left all but penniless after the tragic death of both her parents in a coach crash and, envious of Nolita’s unassuming beauty, her unsympathetic aunt, Lady Katherine, despatches her to work as Governess to Bettine, the eleven year old daughter of the Marquis of Sarle. Feeling frightened and apprehensive, Nolita says a tearful farewell to her favourite horse, Eros, and her beloved home where she has been so happy and sets off for an unknown and uncertain future. Nolita is dismayed to find that young Bettine is not only a Lady and heiress to her American grandfather’s vast fortune but also a spoilt little madam who is almost uncontrollable. Miraculously, Nolita’s love of horses and gentle humble approach wins over her pupil, to the astonishment of the Marquis, who regards Nolita with new respect and admiration. But just as Nolita has taken Bettine to her heart and lost her own to the handsome Marquis, a ruthless American gang kidnaps her and Bettine, threatening to kill them unless they receive a ransom of one million dollars. Now all hope of life and of love seems lost as Nolita sends out little white doves of prayer to the one man who can save them from a dreadful fate.

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