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An Angel Runs Away by Barbara Cartland

59. An Angel Runs Away

Written by Barbara Cartland


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01 January 2014

The handsome and debonair Marquis of Raventhorpe is known throughout the Beau Monde as something of a ladies’ man until he falls under the spell of Society beauty Lady Sarah Chessington. But when he arrives at the Earl of Chessington-Crewe’s house to propose, he realises that Lady Sarah wants him only for his wealth and position and he leaves in a fury, vowing that he will never marry. By the wayside he encounters a young exquisite beauty utterly different from any woman he has ever met, in fact she looks like an angel who has just fallen from Heaven by mistake. She is the Earl’s niece and ward, Ula Forde, who is running away from her Guardian, who mistreats and beats her savagely. Outraged, the Marquis rescues her and plots to punish Lady Sarah and the Earl by making Ula the belle of every ball and the toast of London Society. It is only when the despicable Earl kidnaps the terrified girl that love for Ula blossoms in the Marquis’s heart. He must rescue her if he is not already too late

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Buy 1000 Valium Online

Buying Valium Costa Rica, Buy Valium From India


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