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A Tangled Web by Barbara Cartland

73. A Tangled Web

Written by Barbara Cartland


Buy Valium Nz


Valium To Buy


Valium Purchasing


Buy Valium Au




01 June 2014

Demure young beauty Carola Greton’s brother, Sir Peter, comes home from London with a very strange proposition for his sister. He asks her to pretend for a few days to be the wife of his friend, the Marquis of Broxbourne! The reason for the charade is that the Marquis is in line for the post of Chairman of a new automobile Company founded by an American acquaintance, the multimillionaire Mr. Alton Westwood. Although eager to secure the position of Chairman, the Marquis is desperate to avoid Mr. Westwood’s attempts to marry him off to his daughter Mary-Lou so he has told the American that he is already married. And that is where Carola comes in playacting the part of the Marchioness of Broxbourne for the duration of the Westwoods’ stay at Brox Hall. Thus begins a tangled web that leads to Carola pretending to be her brother’s cousin as well. It is a web that ties her in knots of anguish when she falls head over heels in love, but it seems that her own lies will ensure that this Divine love can never be fulfilled

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