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A Princess Prays by Barbara Cartland

51. A Princess Prays

Written by Barbara Cartland


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14 August 2014

Heir to the throne of Valdina, beautiful Attila vows two things — to do everything in her power to return her beloved sick father, King Sigismund, to health and to find true love. But it seems that her stepmother, the scheming and selfish Queen Margit has other ideas for her future. Desperate to marry her as quickly as possible to Prince Otto, a young man with a shadowy past, Queen Margit’s eyes are set firmly on the throne for herself. And it seems she will stop at nothing to get her own way and rule Valdina alone. Turning to Father Jozsef, her childhood mentor, for help Attila agrees to go on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Janos, not only to avoid Prince Otto, but also to pray for the King’s speedy recovery. Guided by the spirit of her mother and the unconditional love of Father Jozsef, she also fervently prays that she will find a man to love worthy of her royal blood. In a journey filled with spiritual insights, adventure and great sadness, Attila comes to realise the true meaning of love when a handsome stranger awakens in her feelings that she has only dreamt of. But will the happiness she finds be snatched from her as Attila bravely returns home? Will she be forced into a loveless, but politically astute marriage? Or will true love protect her from the dangers surrounding her? One thing is for certain life in Valdina will ever be the same again as love battles to overcome the difficulties of royal duty and the intrigues of Queen Margit. If you like Downton Abbey you will love Barbara Cartland

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Valium Buy Canada, Genuine Valium Online Uk


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