288. A Theatre of Love

288. A Theatre of Love

Written by Barbara Cartland


Eternal Collection









22 July 2024

Having retreated to his country estate to escape the amorous attentions of his mistress, Lady Fiona Faversham, who is determined to marry him, the dashing Duke of Moorminster is out riding when he is captivated by the sound of a Church organ being played expertly.
Entering the small Church, he is equally captivated by a beautiful young woman of almost angelic loveliness, who is leading her choir of children with her own wonderful voice.
She is perfect for a special role in the inspiring play that the Duke has written for Christmas and which is to be the debut performance at his newly built private theatre with the Prince and Princess of Wales in attendance.
And so the young Vicar’s daughter, Lavela Ashley, finds herself and her choir of children rehearsing for the great event at Moor Hall and she becomes embroiled in the devious scheming of Lady Fiona and the Duke’s wicked cousin, Joselyn – both of whom are plotting to force the Duke into a marriage by the foulest of means.
For his part, as the romantic drama unfolds in his own Theatre of Love, the Duke comes to realise that Lavela is everything that Lady Fiona is not – and that she is everything he has ever wanted if only he had understood his own heart.

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