285. Love comes to the Castle

285. Love comes to the Castle

Written by Barbara Cartland


Eternal Collection









14 April 2024

Although immensely saddened by the loss of their beloved wife and mother, beautiful young Jaela Compton and her illustrious father, Lord Compton of Mellor, one of England’s most outstanding Lord Chancellors, live happily together in his lovely Villa between Naples and Sorrento in Italy now that he has retired from his public duties.
Until one day she finds him dead in his bedroom and, although she consoles herself that he is at last reunited with her mother, Jaela is distraught. Whatever is she to do?
Out of the blue a family friend, Dr. Pirelli, comes up with a suggestion which is more of a mission. It seems that the Contessa di Agnolo is dying and concerned about the fate of her young daughter, Kathy, who is actually the daughter of an old friend of her father’s, the Earl of Halesworth. And soon Jaela finds herself travelling home to England to introduce Kathy to her father.
On arriving at Hale Castle the strikingly handsome Earl seems reluctant to accept his daughter, but grudgingly allows her and Jaela, who is at present pretending to be the child’s Governess, to stay on with him at his Castle.
It is not long before the Earl’s heart softens and it becomes clear that he adores the little girl and Jaela begins to hope that there is room in his heart for her as well.

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