216. A Song of Love

216. A Song of Love

Written by Barbara Cartland


Eternal Collection







01 January 1970

The beautiful widowed mother, Lady Susi Sherington, faces a terrible dilemma when she has been staying in Paris and attending endless smart parties.
She finds herself deeply in love with the dashing, Jean, the Comte de Girone, but her friend, the Duchesse Lorraine d’Aubergue, insists that she must shun him because ‘he is a heartbreaker’.
What is more the Comte needs a bride rich enough to support his family’s beautiful Château Girone, the most imposing in Provence and the real love of his life.
And thanks to the punitive will of her late and much older husband Susi would enter any new marriage penniless, but would be very rich if she remained single.
And then there is her beautiful daughter, Trina, to consider, soon to come of age and everyone says that she is so like her mother that they could be twins!
Sadly despite Jean’s constant protestations of love, Susi must try to think of their liaison as just a mere flirtation.
But then Trina is stuck by a cunning idea, one that just might provide the Comte with the money he needs until she comes into her late father’s inheritance and can share her wealth with the mother.
Perhaps after all Susi can follow the path of her heart’s desire!

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