204.The Marquis Who Hated Woman

204.The Marquis Who Hated Woman

Written by Barbara Cartland


Eternal Collection







01 January 1970

Beautiful, young and yet fiercely independent, Shikara Bartlett sorely misses her much-loved father, the renowned archaeologist Professor Richard Bartlett, who appears to have gone missing on his latest ‘dig’ near the Pyramids of  Egypt.
What makes it even worse for Shikara is that in his absence her strait-laced uncle and Guardian is determined to marry her off to the middle-aged Lord Stroud, who is pompous, boring and far too old at forty-four.
She certainly does not love him ¬and she never will.
So Shikara decides to escape from her uncle’s house using a rope from her bedroom window. But the rope is too short and she cannot reach the ground.
Luckily for her the Marquis of Linwood has just made a similar escape from a married lady’s nearby boudoir and hears Shikara’s cries for help and gallantly saves her.
Somehow she persuades him to take her to Southampton where she can embark on a Steamer to Cairo to search for her lost father, but instead she manages to stow away on the Marquis’s superb modern yacht.
And, slowly but surely, the Marquis who famously hates all women falls under the spell of this lovely headstrong waif who professes to hate all men.
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