201. In The Arms of Love

201. In The Arms of Love

Written by Barbara Cartland


Eternal Collection






01 September 2018

Beautiful young Aspasia Stanton and her twin brother Jerry are horrified when they receive a letter addressed to their uncle and Guardian, the much-loved Reverend Theophilus Stanton, from Her Grace the Duchess of Grimstone.
In it she coldly announces that that “having reached the age of sixty-five, you are retired from your Living and you will vacate the Vicarage within a month of this date.”
Whatever are they to do?
Without the Reverend’s stipend they will have nothing at all to live on and Jerry will be forced to leave Oxford University. And what of Little Medlock’s parishioners, who love their Vicar so dearly after all his years in their Parish?
Although the Duchess is known by all the locals as a completely ruthless woman without a heart, Aspasia resolves to go to visit her and throw herself on her mercy, saying, ‘I will do – anything you ask of me if Uncle Theophilus may remain at Little Medlock.’
The poor innocent Aspasia has no grasp of the evil that goes on behind Grimstone House’s imposing doors or of the terrible things that the wicked Duchess will demand of her as her side of the bargain.
But then Fate sends the imperious yet handsome Marquis of Thame to visit the Duchess, a gentleman unimpressed and undaunted by her disreputable and wicked ways.
But will he step in to save Aspasia from utter humiliation and dishonour?

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