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Pink Collection in Large Print

We are proud to announce that we have available for sale a selection of the Pink Collection books in large print.

The large print books are all printed in 16 point as opposed to 12 point used in the Pink Collection. The type face is called Tiresias and has been especially developed by the RNIB in England to help partially sighted people read and enjoy more books. The page is much larger too at 9 1/4" x 6" (234mm x 156mm) and the books are all in "trade paperback" format.


We currently have book numbers 1 - 39 in large print.  Our intention is to simultaneously print the large print editions with the normal print - at the rate of one per month.


The cost of the books are £14.00 each (please email me if you would like these costs in other currencies)


Postage & Packing costs are as follows:


To the UK  - Free.  Royal Mail extends free postage for large print books in the UK


To the US - 1 book is £3.50 each subsequent book is £1.00 when posted together


To Canada - 1 book is £6.00 each subsequent book is £2.00 when posted together 
To the Rest of the World  - 1 book is £6.00 each subsequent book is £4.00 when posted together.
To Europe - 1 book is £4.00 each subsequent book is £3.00

At the moment, these books will be available via mail order only.  Please complete our mail order form or email

Large Print Pink Collections books currently available: 

01    The Cross of Love                   

02    Love in the Highlands               
03    Love Finds the Way 
04    The Castle of Love 
05    Love is Triumphant 
06    Stars in the Sky 
07    The Ship of Love 
08    A Dangerous Disguise 
09    Love Became Theirs
10    Love Drives In 
11    Sailing to Love
12    The Star of Love
13    Music is the Soul of Love
14    Love in the East
15    Theirs to Eternity
16    A Paradise on Earth 
17    Love Wins in Berlin
18    In Search of Love
19    Love Rescues Rosanna
20    A Heart in Heaven
21    The House of Happiness
22    Royalty Defeated by Love
23    The White Witch
24    They Sought Love
25    Love Is The Reason For Living
26    They Found Their Way to Heaven
27    Learning to Love
28    Journey to Happiness
29    A Kiss in the Desert
30    The Heart of Love

31    The Richness of Love

32    For Ever and Ever

33    An Unexpected Love

34    Saved by an Angel

35    Touching the Stars

36    Seeking Love

37    Journey to Love

38    The Importance of Love

39    Love by the Lake

For further information please email us at


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