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Ian McCorquodale and Barbara Cartland

Welcome to the romantic world of Barbara Cartland.

During her long career, my mother, Barbara Cartland wrote an incredible 723 books, which were translated into 38 languages, making her the most prolific author of the 20th Century. 

She left behind a staggering 160 unpublished manuscripts which we have decided to publish.

These exciting new romances form The Barbara Cartland Pink Collection, through which my mothers aim to bring love and happiness to her millions of readers can now continue.

The Pink Collection is available exclusively through and via mail order. Each month I will be publishing one of these brand new Barbara Cartland novels. To start your collection you can either order them individually or take out a yearly subscription.

For each year that you subscribe, you will receive 12 books (one book per month) with an additional free bonus book at the end of the year.

The Pink Collection is classic Barbara Cartland - glorious romances with spellbinding adventure, thrilling suspense and, of course, the triumph of love over every adversity.

I know you will enjoy them all as much as my mother enjoyed writing them.

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Ian McCorquodale

Ian McCorquodale

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