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Jig-Saw is where the Barbara Cartland story began – she wrote the novel in 1920 when only 19. Published in hardback by Duckworth in 1925 at the price of seven shillings and sixpence, it received great acclaim from the critics who described it as ‘a first novel of considerable promise’ and ‘a novel which is such a powerful study of “West end life with the lid off”, that I can hardly believe it’s been written by a girl’. This year, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her death, Barbara will publish 5000 limited edition exact replicas of the original book.

From the original book cover: A real novel from within. The first book by a young author is a vivid and moving story of the difficulties and temptations which confront a young girl on her first entry into the richest and gayest set of London society. The intoxication of her new freedom and her love of adventure lead her inevitably to exploit her wit and beauty to her own unhappiness, but by good luck and her own native goodness she finds peace and happiness at last. It is a dramatic conflict of emotions, written with a zest and freshness which will win the admiration of all readers.

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